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Are your brakes grinding, vibrating or making other strange sounds? Or maybe your ABS brake light is on? If your brakes have stopped working properly, it’s time to schedule an appointment at Piper Auto and Marine, your North Miami Auto Repair Expert.

We can have a look at your automotive brake and repair needs and get you a quote to repair them in minutes.

Our North Miami Brake Repair services include:

  • Removal and replacement of brake pads and shoes
  • Replacement or resurfacing of brake rotors
  • Brake fluid flush
  • Cleaning and adjusting the brakes
  • Anti lock brake system repair
  • Replace rubber brake lines with Stainless Steel Brake lines
  • Master cylinder replacement
  • Brake power booster replacement

Call us now at 305) 949-2277 to schedule an appointment to have your brakes checks!


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